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Baldor Cutaway Motor

Cutaway view of a Baldor Super-E motor with AEGIS Ring internally installed

During our time at AHR 2018, we walked around and talked to some of our great partners.

Baldor, an Arkansas-based industrial electric motor manufacturer, offers AEGIS® Rings in several product lines:

  • Close-Coupled Pump, Three Phase, Foot Mounted With Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring, 3-20 HP (TEFC)/1-15 HP (ODP)
  • Super-E®, Three Phase, TEFC, Foot Mounted with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring, 1-100 HP
  • Super-E, Three Phase, ODP, Foot Mounted with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring, 1-100 HP
Baldor Rep at AHR2018

Tyler Lensing, Baldor; Product Manager

End-users can buy off-the-shelf motors equipped with a pre-installed AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring. Other motors have an option to install AEGIS at the Baldor MOD-Express department.  Baldor also manufactures drives, mechanical power transmission products, and generators.

We spoke with Tyler Lensing, Assistant Product Manager, at the AHR Expo.  Here’s what he had to say:

Another one of our motor manufacturer partners, US Motors/Nidec, exhibited at AHR 2018 near us and we paid them a visit.

Meeting Nidec at AHR 2018

Nidec’s Todd Gatti, Regional Manager, HVAC/R Aftermarket, and AEGIS Sales & Marketing Manager Adam Willwerth

VariTough® Inverter Duty Motors are designed for commercial condenser units operating on VFDs. These motors operate in a multi-motor environment with one VFD. The motors are designed to meet NEMA MG1-Part 31 design guidelines.

Nidec with AEGIS ringVariTough motors offer an effective solution to protect the bearings where shaft voltage discharge may be an issue. Each motor has an AEGIS® SGR Bearing Protection Ring mounted on the motor.  The SGR provides charge on the shaft with an alternative path to ground, a safe path that doesn’t lead through the bearings. The ring is factory-installed on the VariTough motors and is also sold separately as an accessory kit. See this brochure for additional information.

Motor Specifications

  • Horsepower: 1 – 2 HP
  • Three Phase
  • Speeds: 850, 1140 RPM
  • Enclosure: Open Drip-Proof (ODP), Shaft-up Design


WEG Display at AHR2018

WEG’s booth at the AHR Expo. At the front left, AEGIS Sales & Marketing Manager Adam Willwerth talks with Dale Basso, WEG’s Product Manager for Low Voltage Motors

Walking around AHR 2018, we had a chance to catch up with our friends at WEG.  Todd Wimmer, VP of Sales, was kind enough to make a video with us about AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings, why they’re necessary, and how WEG motors are available with AEGIS Rings pre-installed inside the motor:

WEG Rep at AHR2018

Todd Wimmer, WEG VP of Sales

Recognizing the need for long-term bearing protection on inverter-duty motors, WEG Electric Corp. was one of the earliest OEM adaptors of AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings.

These motors are inverter-duty rated, with Class F insulation, Class H impregnation resin and magnet wire, and AEGIS Rings installed internally.  Internal installation protects the rings from contamination so they can keep the bearings protected no matter how severe the environment outside the motor is.

AEGIS Rings are available factory-installed inside the following WEG motors:

  • ODP General Purpose, Three-Phase ODP NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W01 (Rolled Steel) Close-Coupled Pump ODP – JM Type, Three-Phase NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W01 (Rolled Steel) Close-Coupled Pump ODP – JP Type, Three-Phase NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W01 (Rolled Steel) Close-Coupled Pump TEFC – JM Type, Three-Phase NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W01 (Rolled Steel) Close-Coupled Pump TEFC – JP Type, Three-Phase NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W01 (Rolled Steel) General Purpose ODP, Three-Phase ODP NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W01 (Rolled Steel) General Purpose TEFC, TEFC NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
  • W22 General Purpose TEFC, W22 TEFC NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors
Meeting WEG at AHR 2018

AEGIS Marketing Specialist Joanne Audet with Todd Wimmer

All of these motors are specifically designed to provide maximum ventilation for cooler operation. Sizes 254T and up have cast-iron frames with regreasable ball bearings. Other sizes have rolled steel frames with permanently lubricated ZZ ball bearings. AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings are internally installed as a standard in motors up to 100 HP for RPM ratings of 1800 and 3600.

AEGIS Rings may be installed on other WEG motors upon request.

Regal-Beloit Exhibiting at AHR 2018

Chris Reid, Product Market Manager for Regal-Beloit, with several Marathon Motors at the 2018 AHR Expo

Regal-Beloit was one of the many exhibitors at AHR 2018.  Several of Regal’s brands feature AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings to protect the motor bearings against electrical damage caused by VFD control.  We talked with Chris Reid, Product Market Manager, about Marathon Motors in particular.

BCP motors from Marathon Motors

Marathon Motors “BCP” motors, equipped with internally mounted shaft grounding rings, ensure successful operation with Variable Frequency Drives without sustaining bearing damage due to inverter-sourced bearing current.  Their “Bearing-to-Bearing” guarantee includes bearing replacement for the duration of the standard warranty period.

BCP is available in the following standard stock product lines:

  • NEMA Premium ODP, rolled steel frame
  • NEMA Premium TEFC, rolled steel and cast iron frame
  • NEMA Premium Explosion Proof, cast iron frame
  • Blue MAX Vector Duty, cast iron frame
  • NEMA Premium XRI-SD, Severe Duty
  • NEMA Premium XRI-841, IEEE841
  • SXT-Plus Stainless Steel Wash-Down

LEESON Extreme Duck Ultra

LEESON’s lines of Premium Stainless Steel motors and Extreme Duck motors, through 2 HP, now include motors with internally mounted AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings. SGRs are needed in applications where motors are controlled by inverter drives, to eliminate the voltages that may damage the motor’s bearings.

Features include:

  • Premium stainless and Extreme Duck series
  • 1/2 HP to 2 HP
  • Eliminate bearing currents from inverter use
  • Provide longer bearing life
  • AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring installed internally

EXTREME DUCK ULTRA IS ONE TOUGH DUCK: The revolutionary new design of this motor ensures that liquids won’t penetrate the motor in any mounting position, and made the motor a bronze winner in Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year.  Plus it’s easier to install and connect because of unique non-wicking colored leads. Less corrosion, less operating costs.  AEGIS Rings are available as an option for ½ to 2 HP.

Century Electric Motors

Century Electric Motors are also available with factory-installed AEGIS Rings. If you plan on running your new Century motor on a VFD, be sure to request a factory-installed SGR.