Motors with AEGIS Installed

Marathon XRI NEMA Premium Explosion Proof motor

Marathon Electric offers the industry-leading line of Hazardous Duty™ Division 1 Explosion Proof, NEMA Premium® XRI®, Class I and II, Groups C, D, F & G motors.  Marathon’s unique design, combined with AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring technology and Marathon’s work with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), minimizes the risk of bearing damage. Marathon’s “BCP” System, featuring the AEGIS Ring, meets all UL requirements while protecting the motor bearings.

With the growing emphasis on energy savings, process engineers, as well as plant maintenance personnel, have turned to variable frequency drives (VFDs) to improve process reliability, uptime, and safety (particularly in hazardous locations) for critical applications.  Using VFDs also reduces the energy consumption of the electric motors in their facilities.

It is well documented that the common mode voltage of VFD output can contribute to bearing failures in drive/motor systems. Unfortunately, unexpected bearing failure can offset much of the savings initially anticipated by the use of VFDs.  Effective shaft grounding helps prevent the destructive effects of common mode voltage in these critical applications, facilitating maximum energy savings and reliability.

Bearing with damage from fluting

Bearing with damage from fluting

Bearings with damage from frosting

Bearings with damage from frosting

The option of the AEGIS shaft grounding rings factory installed in these motors is available across the entire product line and comes in stock through 50 HP.  The Marathon XRI Explosion Proof Severe Duty motor with “BCP” provides maximum energy savings potential when used with VFD’s, enhanced reliability and uptime, and the “peace of mind” end users demand from their motor/drive systems. Marathon is the only supplier of Division 1, Class I and II Explosion Proof motors with factory-installed AEGIS long-term bearing current protection from VFD-sourced damage!

The Marathon XRI Severe Duty Explosion Proof motor is UL Listed and CSA Certified for use in virtually any hazardous process application.  The product features cast iron construction, epoxy interior and exterior paint, Max Guard insulation system, precision balance, thermostats and a generous 3-year warranty.

For more applications information on how you can protect your motors from electrical bearing damage download the AEGIS Best Practices Handbook.

Baldor Cutaway Motor

Cutaway view of a Baldor Super-E motor with AEGIS Ring internally installed

During our time at AHR 2018, we walked around and talked to some of our great partners.

Baldor, an Arkansas-based industrial electric motor manufacturer, offers AEGIS® Rings in several product lines:

  • Close-Coupled Pump, Three Phase, Foot Mounted With Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring, 3-20 HP (TEFC)/1-15 HP (ODP)
  • Super-E®, Three Phase, TEFC, Foot Mounted with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring, 1-100 HP
  • Super-E, Three Phase, ODP, Foot Mounted with Internal AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring, 1-100 HP
Baldor Rep at AHR2018

Tyler Lensing, Baldor; Product Manager

End-users can buy off-the-shelf motors equipped with a pre-installed AEGIS Bearing Protection Ring. Other motors have an option to install AEGIS at the Baldor MOD-Express department.  Baldor also manufactures drives, mechanical power transmission products, and generators.

We spoke with Tyler Lensing, Assistant Product Manager, at the AHR Expo.  Here’s what he had to say: