The AEGIS® Shaft Voltage Tester is the only handheld oscilloscope that comes with everything you need to monitor electric motors for electrical bearing damage from VFDs.

From now until the end of the year, the extended warranty AEGIS-OSC-9100-W2 will include, at no extra charge, a magnetic base, probe holder, shaft grounding simulator (to see the effect an AEGIS® ring would have on the shaft voltage), and three extra shaft voltage probe tips.  These accessories would have a list price of $331.00, so this is a great deal.  And every Shaft Voltage Tester also comes with a free training from your area AEGIS® representative, at your facility, and at your convenience.

The Shaft Voltage Tester with 2-year warranty now comes with a free SVP-KIT-9100MB.

To take advantage of this deal, just contact your local or preferred AEGIS® distributor and order an AEGIS-OSC-9100-W2, and we’ll add an SVP-KIT-9100MB at no extra cost.  Like most other AEGIS® parts, Shaft Voltage Testers usually ship within a day or two, so you can get started testing shaft voltage without delay.